Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Every girl can be a Princess
Any dream can be

Close your eyes and see
A magic wand and soon you've gone
from just you to royalty

You don't need a grand old castle
Rising in the air
Maids to brush your hair
Your heart is pure your thoughtful... surely
Princess, your almost there...

Just putting on a tiara,
And you aren't, the same old you.
My life changed so completely
By just putting on a shoe...
Who knew?

Every girl can be a Princess
Fashion can be learned
Heads can still be turned
By your sweet face... the style and grace

You know you already earned...

Hold your head high, and keep smiling
'Cause thats just what a Princess does
You're as beloved, and beguiling
As ever a princess was...

Every girl can be a Princess
All thats left to do
Is, find a prince for you (we will find one)
A prince who's bold (but not too old)
Who'll hold you, your whole life through

The most perfect Princess... is you!

*Lyrics courtesy of Disney Princess Collection Volume 2

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