Wednesday, August 26, 2009


As most of you know Cory and I have just moved 3 hours away from what we call home. Just to give you some background info on this, where we are from and home are two different places. Home is bout 30 minutes away from where we are originally from. McDonald's, Wal-Mart, a University, you get the picture. Where we are from, the most we have going on for us the still fairly new Dollar General Store. No franchised restaurants or fast food for that matter. Mostly farmland and everyone knows everyone - including your business. Comfortable and safe to say the least however the "Belle" in me is wanting more than this provincial life.

I've always wanted to move to the big city. The flashing lights, more to do, more to explore, or as my Mother refers to it, a higher crime rate. Seems like in life no matter what we have we are never satisfied. We always yearn for more, the bigger, or the better. We are no different; however, we are very grateful for the blessings we have had. I have had this move in my mind for a long time. Even before Cory and I got married this past March. I put the idea out at my job on expanding our Tennessee territory. Then before I knew it I was committed to move. Seemed like more of something we just talked about then it started getting closer. As the time came for us to find an actual place to live we travelled up here. I am overly organized so here I have a notebook with 3 pages worth of apartments and houses to look at. Then, while looking at what could potentially be my new office we find out that she has a house. This house was the very first house we looked at and it must have been meant to be. No one has lived in this house for a very long time. Why? Because its an old house; however, its been completely remodeled. In the heart and historic district of town, I fell in love. Great neighborhood, friendly people, people walking their dogs up and down the street, children playing, and most of all a fantastic landlord. 2 weeks later we found ourselves packing and then the day came in which my Mom dreaded - moving day. Grandparents got us a U-Haul we loaded it up, grabbed our doggies, and headed out for a better life. 3 hours later we arrive in Springfield, TN. We unloaded the U-Haul and gave the grand tour to my family. After a short break, we went out to eat then came the dreaded goodbyes...

My family left and then this was it. We were alone...

Fast forward and the new soundtrack to our life begins to play on the radio as we explore... We are less than 30 minutes away from Nashville, Opry Mills Mall, the I-MAX theater, tons of restaurants some of which I never heard of til my friends on twitter were talking about them, another mall which is 15 minutes away, hotels, gyms, lights, the opry, and the Nashville International Airport. The golden gate bridge between us and Orlando. Everything is at our fingertips -something we are not use to.

Homesick? No. However I will admit I miss the closeness that we use to have between family. Its just the comfort ability of knowing if I needed something they are right down the road and its not like that anymore. I was the first one in my family to attend college and now move away (at least this far from home). I am the first grandchild to get married however first to have a child was taken by my cousin. LOL. I feel like Giselle in the movie "Enchanted" clueless but genuine. When we went to WDW for our honeymoon back in May we had the pins that said "Just Married" on them. When we met Peter Pan and Wendy, she made the comment, "Oh look Peter, they've already grown up. They are married..." Have we grown up? I sure hope not!!! I look to embrace the future and whatever adventures life throws our way. Life is not all about the everyday hustle and bustle and 9 to 5 work schedule. It's about dancing in the rain, feeling the breeze blow through your hair, soaking up the sun, and believing in the impossible.

I still may be 13 hours away from WDW but I'm closer to the airport! It's only a 30 minute flight from there!

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  1. I have to agree that too many people get caught up in their work that they don't live life to the fullest.