Monday, August 3, 2009


Finally, the moment I've waited for since I was a little girl was about to come true. Everything was perfect from my Walt Disney World proposal right down to the Disney music I walked down the aisle to. It was truly a fairytale. There is only one thing that would have made this day absolutely perfect, and that was to be able to have my Dad walk me down the aisle and give me away. In February 2009, my Dad was becoming seriously ill and no one knew why. He is a diabetic, but that is not what was causing the problem. On March 3, 2009, my Dad was admitted into the hospital. They thought he had a bad case of pneumonia. Within 7 days Dad should have gotten better and been able to come home. However he wasn't getting better at all. His fever stayed at around 102 the whole week. The hospital did an x-ray of his lungs showing what they believed to be pneumonia spreading all over his lungs. He was getting worse. About the second week in, and after running very extensive tests they discovered my Dad did not have pneumonia at all. He had a very rare lung disease called Blastomychosis. Anyone can get this disease it just depends on your immune system. At the time, my Dad was helping my Uncle cut down a tree and he was not wearing a mask. There was some fungi growing on the tree and my Dad inhaled those particles from the tree, which in turn, led to the fungi growing on his lungs. The treatment for this disease is horrible. He receives an antibiotic from a an IV style bag and tube. However, it is very important that a patient be completely sedated. If they aren't, taking this medicine can cause seizures and death. When they asked my Dad if he wanted to receive this treatment they told him he had 2 choices. Either take this risk or die. He decided to take the treatment, but he also had the mentality that regardless of what happened if it was his time to go, it was his time to go. The first night of treatment Dad ended up in critical care. On March 18th, my Dad was not properly sedated before they gave him the treatment. He was having seizures and his fever shot up to 106 and he died... This was the Wednesday before my wedding day. I remember feeling so helpless and so upset. Why is this happening to me and why is this happening right now? The nurses and doctors pushed us out of the room and slammed the door in our faces. Scared and uncertain we finally had some news. My heart was in my throat. They revived him. My Dad was alive. He was sent to critical care for tests to be done on his brain as they were saying for some one's fever to reach 106, it could have done some serious damage not to mention the lack of oxygen to his brain when he died. However, his brain was fine. He remained in critical care for several days after this incident. They were giving him his treatment with properly sedating him like they were suppose to at first. His body was accepting the treatment and we were hoping to get him well. Saturday the 21st came, my wedding day and my Dad would not be walking me down the aisle. He had asked his brother, my Uncle to give me away. It was the hardest but most special day of my life. I was a complete nervous wreck as most bride to be's, but considering the circumstances it was times 10. The music started, "A Whole New World" (Aladdin) began to play followed by the seating of Mothers and Grandmothers to "You'll Be in My Heart" (Tarzan). The guys came out to the theme from Superman, the bridesmaids to "Remember When" (Disneyland's song). The ring bearer and flower girl walked out to "Define Dancing" (Walle) and then... I couldn't breathe. My Uncle looked at me and told me how beautiful I was and then the Main Title from The Little Mermaid began to play, the doors opened and we began to walk. The Little Mermaid was the very first Disney movie I ever owned and my Dad got it for me when I was 5 years old. Every time I watched that movie, he watched it with me. The song was suppose to be a surprise for my Dad, but he never got to hear it. The ceremony came and went as did the reception with friends and family. It was about 10pm when we finally left on what was suppose to be our mini honeymoon however the honeymoon hadn't started yet. We drove an hour away to the hospital to see my Dad. I wanted him to get to see me in my dress. When we arrived it was almost midnight and the hospital staff prolonged his treatment long enough. They knew we were coming and how important this was. See, when they would sedate my Dad before giving him his treatment it was like wiping the slate clean. It caused him to lose a lot of memory. My Dad was so happy to see me in my dress and we took some pictures together when he was in critical care, but I was afraid he wouldn't remember seeing me so that's why we took the pictures so he could not be reminded that he missed my wedding day but that he still got to see me. After leaving the hospital, we left for our mini honeymoon since our Walt Disney World honeymoon was in May. Not only was Dad dealing with diabetes, this lung illness, but he was in desperate need of having his gal bladder taken out. His gal bladder surgeon did not want to do this surgery because of his past history of performing surgery on someone with this illness. Every patient who had what my Dad has and had surgery has died on the table. My Dad was willing to take this risk. He went into surgery on March 23, 2009 at lunch time. His gal bladder had set up a very bad case of gangrene. After a lot of prayers, my Dad made it through. On April 16, 2009, my Dad was finally released from the hospital. He was well enough to take his treatment in pill form at home. He is to be on this treatment for at least 1 year. Dad is still doing well, however he has memory lapses. He doesn't remember anything about being in the hospital or what happened to him, but the one thing he does remember is seeing me in my dress. I never have to remind him that he did get to see me on my wedding day despite everything that happened. Which is a special memory for him and for me. He may have missed my wedding day but he promises to be around for the birth of his first grandchild -whenever that happens :) and I think he will be able to. In writing this blog, and for those reading it I just wanted to let you know that their is power in prayer because my Dad is proof. Never give up on your faith. And sometimes even when things seem to be at their worst, somehow they seem to turn out beautifully.

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  1. Tiffini, this is such a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it with those of us lucky enough to know you.